Mr Armani, we feel the love.

what can i say? it's great to see two asian faces fronting the Emporio Armani ss09 campaign - actors, Takeshi Kaneshiro (yum) and Zhang Ziyi (ugh). tell me honestly, how hot do they look?! i naturally had to stop and snap. not a fan of Miss Zhang of course and that has nothing to do with the beach-bum controversy that went down here in Asia, my mind was made up a looong time ago. however, Mr Kaneshiro with his leather Armani jacket and tanned skin is a sight for sore eyes and probably working wonders for the Armani sales.


Tok said...

What a lovely pair!

Anonymous said...

Love TK! I could look at him forever.

Do not like Ziyi! Don't know why, I just don't.

Anonymous said...

I heart Takeshi in a big way :) When you're home we must rent some movies...but with sub-titles for lil ol western me

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