happy birthday from Maison Martin Margiela

yesterday was my first visit to a Maison Martin Margiela flagship store... can you believe it? call me sad but i was extremely amused by their jukebox, which was standing modestly at the back of the store. yes... their clothes of course were thought-provoking and rather silly, maybe evening mocking... but the jukebox was just a big ball of fun! it probably wouldn't have been as amusing if i didn't happen to have spent the whole day staring at mannequins and comtemplating the best angle to photograph a pair of shoes. no matter how beautiful the clothes are and how envious i feel... it just all gets a bit too much sometimes... the shopping malls, the sales people and the security men... ugh. the MMM jukebox was a BIG lift-me-upper though... can't wait to check out the Hong Kong store... wonder what kind of fun they have hidden there...


i want to party in a ACNE dress.

ever since i held this overly ruffled, fabric heavy a/w ACNE dress in my arms while interning at British ELLE i've fell in love with the Swedish label and now that the holidays are around the corner and there's been lots talk of Christmas parties and i've been attending, perhaps one too many, Christmas light-up ceremonies in a number of Hong Kong malls (for work of course) i've been drooling over their collection of cocktail dresses. i've decided that this year there'll be no partying unless i'm partying in an ACNE dress. it's time to make a plan.

when glossies became matties.

anyone notice that our much loved glossies are slowly becoming matties? first ELLE with their limited edition issues and now Vogue... is it just me or does it not quite feel/look right? just a sunday thought.


a little London in Hong Kong.

it's been a busy week in Hongkies so far for retail-hungry fashionistas. the Comme des Garcons for H&M collection was finally launched today (everyone at work was talking about it!) and earlier this week the Kate Moss for Topshop a/w 08 collection arrived at Lane Crawford. i accidently stumbled upon the ginormous Kate Moss for Topshop poster in Lane Crawford's window display in Tsim Sha Tsui... i got horribly lost on my way to work this morning and ended up walking the entire length of Canton Road (well almost) before realising i was going in the wrong direction - oops. it was nice to see a little London in Hong Kong though. and talking about Lane Crawford... it must be known that Lane Crawford is the ultimate haven. if Mr Andy Warhol is right in saying that, "people [never] die. they just go to department stores." then i would like it to be known that my department store of choice would be Lane Crawford.


a Comme des Garcons moment at ELLE.

Comme des Garcons for H&M. i totally forgot. i haven't quite had access to any high street stores for awhile and it just totally slipped my mind until i was flipping through a Hong Kong street culture magazine on my way home. 

i was lucky enough to see some of the pieces back in June while i was playing fashion features intern at ELLE... all i remember is lots of polka dots, black en masse and the disapproving looks coming from some of the fashion editors (apparently the material wasn't, and i quote, "very Comme"). seriously though, what were we all shaking our heads for? we all knew deep deep down that it wasn't going to meet our expectations - it's Comme for the high street not Comme for real! this is usually where i would begin to consider the whole "high fashion/high street" debate... but nope not this time. we can all agree that it's been well covered already, yes? YES.

i do however remember that there were some great trousers... don't remember what they looked like at all. jolly, June wasn't that long ago... was it?! it must have been a v. busy month. anywho all i remember is that they were great and the look of approval on Rebecca's (the fashion features editor at ELLE) face. must try locate an H&M and check out the collection for real and since i can't afford real Comme, high street Comme will just have to suffice for the time being... ironic isn't it?
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