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ahhh. BryanBoy meets Alexander Wang. jealous me! how tiny does BB look next to Wang?!


boys will be girls and girls will be boys.

androgynous girls and feminine boys. women shopping in the men’s department and sometimes men shopping in women’s department. boyfriend jeans on girls and skinny jeans on boys. the latest cover of Dazed & Confused sums it up in one simple caption “meet fashion's boys who are girls who like girls to be boys...” confusing, i know. it took me a few seconds to wrap my head around it.

is gender becoming insignificant when fashion is concerned? the line between men’s attire and women’s attire are and have been for the last few seasons seriously blurring. the idea of mixing up men's and women's clothing has been simmering on the fashion scene for awhile now – think American Apparel, Bryan Boy (who fyi recently got an interview with American Vogue) and boyish model Eliza Cummings. hi-end fashion has finally caught on and caught up. first in line is... YSL. their first unisex collection debuted at a pop-up store in New York during NYFW. no news yet on when the collection will be available to the rest of the world. oh, the setbacks of not being a New Yorker. sigh.

i'm predicting there's gonna be a few more unisex collections popping up in 2009 - not only is it playing right into the hands of the unisex dressing trends but it means pieces will be basic, classic and practical which is great for us, penny-saving shoppers. ooh, talking about penny-saving shoppers, i've just come back from watching Confessions of a Shopaholic - we can all learn a lesson from the lovely Rebecca Bloomwood!


Agnes b. is god in Asia.

i was chatting to one of the PR girls from EQ:IQ a few weeks ago and we were trying to figure out why Agnes B was so big in Asia. after some useless brainstorming (we didn't come up with much) we defeatedly decided that they must just have a kick-ass marketing team in Asia.

her bags are like mass-produced in Asia and i'm sure every second person has a Agnes B bag (knock-offs included) on their arm or in their wardrobes. she's big and she knows it. aside from the clothes collection, she's also has her name on chocolates, flowers, cakes and coffee. if it has Agnes b across it, it sells. it's wonderful really and so business savvy. i guess if they love it, then you have choice but to give them more.

anyhoo, there's also an art gallery - Agnes B's Librarie Gallerie - which everyone should try visit if they ever in Hongkies. it's the only other Agnes B gallery outside of Paris and it's really quite refreshing to see, especially since the art scene in Hongkies is pretty small and good art spaces are pretty rare. the photos above are from the exhibition, Modern Young People:Post Punk, Cold Wave and Novo Culture in France. 

it's all in the shoulders, baby.

Jason Wu was a designer looking to move up in the world. then the First Lady decided to adorn his creations to one of the most ceremonious and iconic moments in American history and naturally, this got every fashionista/housewife/yummy mummy asking, "now, whose that by?!" Consequentially, lucky Mr Wu has now been welcomed to NYFW AW09 with open arms. it's like the inauguration was Project Runway and Wu won first prize.

honestly, with all the media-hype i've been pretty eager to view his collection. there was a lot shoulder-talk at WGSN - the prediction for AW09 was fanciful and structural shoulders. unsurprisingly, WGSN was spot on. so was Wu (see above). the tailoring is neat and pretty, but nothing mind-blowing. there was feathers and ruffles en masse. love textural fabrics. not sure how i feel about the tiaras though :/ overall the collection was pleasant, nothing offending but then also nothing inspiring. haven't quite decided how i feel about the designer... but i guess time will tell. i say bring on Jason Wu SS10.


a weakness for pretty things.

you're thinking "there she goes again", i know... but aren't these bow/studded MJ sandals adooorable?? they the prettiest things i've seen this year. don't remember spotting them on the SS09 catwalk... they are in stores already though and on net-a-porter. anyways, i'll be back in the sunny cape town soon and having a pair of these pretty things to accompany me back would be really nice. i'm officially unemployed. no more internships from here on out, not even if Anna Wintour personally calls me up. not that she would but you get the idea. it's my New Years' resolution and i'm sticking it to it!! therefore the general idea is no large amounts of money will be leaving my purse until i get a paid job. a girl can dream though.


New I.T Silvercord Store in Hong Kong.

the new I.T store in Silvercord, TST has been open for a few months already and i'm guessing most of you (in Hongkies) have probably seen the beautiful knock-you-off your-feet design. there was crazy media hype around opening time. for the unfortunate few, who haven't seen it, here's a peek! there's some interesting use of materials and props. the accent walls and low-hung lamps bring a real edgy-ness to the store design... and we should expect nothing less from the I.T team. they are always cutting-edge and always ahead of the retail fashion game.


Alexander Wang goes back to basics.

i hate to say it again, but the truth has to be spoken. with everyone keeping a watchful eye on their spending and counting each and every penny, buying basics is going to be what it's all about. actually reflecting on my shopping patterns my last two purchases were both wardrobe basics, but then again that's not surprising. i've always been big on basics. Alexander Wang gets it though, he gets is so clearly and has designed a 12-piece t-shirt collection. by t-shirt collection i don't mean a limited edition/collaboration t-shirt collection - the type that is rippling through the fashion world. what i mean is a classic, well cut, basic t-shirt collection. love this guy - he can make anything look effortlessly sexy. the drapey cut and loose fit is signature to Alexander Wang and perfect for layering - which is what we all should be doing to keep things little bit more interesting. rumours are that the collection should be out in the next few weeks - Lane Crawford here i come!


Mr Armani, we feel the love.

what can i say? it's great to see two asian faces fronting the Emporio Armani ss09 campaign - actors, Takeshi Kaneshiro (yum) and Zhang Ziyi (ugh). tell me honestly, how hot do they look?! i naturally had to stop and snap. not a fan of Miss Zhang of course and that has nothing to do with the beach-bum controversy that went down here in Asia, my mind was made up a looong time ago. however, Mr Kaneshiro with his leather Armani jacket and tanned skin is a sight for sore eyes and probably working wonders for the Armani sales.
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