london trend - the man bag (LCF assignment)

hanging out on the streets of london these past few days and observing the fashion talent i've discovered a new 'it' bag. one dying to be recognised along with all the chloe's and balenciaga's of the fashion world. it's been seen on the arms of several metrosexual men walking the streets of london or rather, less glamourously and more realistically, the escalators of the london underground with their flawless skin and perfect hair. the conversation with your girlfriends would presumably go something like this... "is it a tog bag?", "maybe he's off to the gym?", "no, he's probably just in london for the weekend to see his girlfriend". let's just face it ladies it's the new and improved 'man bag'. obviously filled pockets are a thing of the past. the smarter ones are turning to a more practical and fashionable alternative in the form of an oversized hard-structured, swung-over-the-shoulder/hand-held 'man bag'. this new and improved 'man bag' is fast becoming a a trend to be reckoned with on the streets of london. so watch out ladies! this new 'it' bag is popping up everywhere both bigger and better and on the arms of the opposite sex.


colour palette 2008

as i finally got over the fact that the oscars are not screened on the 'common' persons television and only on cable i dragged my-uninformed-self to the nearest computer this morning. after clicking 'next' for about 10 minutes straight i must say i was becoming bored and hoping to death that on the next click nicole kidman would appear wearing something sensational... but no such luck all i got was just another black dress. i couldn't bare to look at another red or black trailing dress. the colour palette of the oscars this year was simply monotonous and no-fun-at-all! nearly every oscar gown was either red and one-shouldered or black and strapless or if we were lucky a mixture of the two (in Hilary Swank's case). Although we were definately lucky in the case of Keri Russell (in Nina Ricci) who looked amazing. i've never seen this girl look so good! and George didn't look too bad himself (who was that girl/nobody standing next to him though?!) but overall, what an anti-climax to all the oscar-gown hype that i and a certain sister of mine created? i guess better luck next year!


original idea? maybe not...

so i was around at a friends of a friends a few nights ago in hoxton square and whilst one of the guys had his attention both on the conversation and his laptop he came about a website that auctioned off lost luggage. my first thought was "that would make a great article" (seems nilgin is right afterall... we really are starting to think like journalists). my luggage got stolen a few years back on my flight home from hong kong. i had bought loads of clothes and shoes for really cheap and i was devastated to say the least! whoever placed the highest bid on that bag is a lucky bitch! anyways so i googled it (like we do everything these days) and not only did i locate the website that this dude had come across but also that the guardian, the daily telegraph and the times had covered it earlier last year. which means my original idea was in fact old news! so it seems original ideas or just plain ideas are a little harder to come by than i thought and not having lived in the country for the past 5 years (and being exposed to UK media) makes it just that little bit more difficult. but i am no pessimist so as long as interesting conversations with friends exist and google is a double click away i think this coming-up-with-original-ideas-thing might eventually work out (fingers crossed*).
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