colour palette 2008

as i finally got over the fact that the oscars are not screened on the 'common' persons television and only on cable i dragged my-uninformed-self to the nearest computer this morning. after clicking 'next' for about 10 minutes straight i must say i was becoming bored and hoping to death that on the next click nicole kidman would appear wearing something sensational... but no such luck all i got was just another black dress. i couldn't bare to look at another red or black trailing dress. the colour palette of the oscars this year was simply monotonous and no-fun-at-all! nearly every oscar gown was either red and one-shouldered or black and strapless or if we were lucky a mixture of the two (in Hilary Swank's case). Although we were definately lucky in the case of Keri Russell (in Nina Ricci) who looked amazing. i've never seen this girl look so good! and George didn't look too bad himself (who was that girl/nobody standing next to him though?!) but overall, what an anti-climax to all the oscar-gown hype that i and a certain sister of mine created? i guess better luck next year!

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Marina said...

how on earth did you get the pictures side by side like that ulanda???!!!!!!! Is it because of the size or am i even more computer illiterate than a I thought?
good job, i', envious

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