vintage unworns at the rarely worn sale.

so turns out that the "rarely worn sale" wasn't quite my cup of tea, but the macaroons and bubbly more than made up for it. what can i say. last season h&m leather jackets for R1000 and mr price shoes marked up by 100% doesn't really make me giddy with joy.

the one thing that did get my heart pulsing was the exquisite collection of vintage unworn frames and sunglasses they had. the chic girl standing next to the glass cabinet shared that it's all vintage, mostly from the 60s and 70s that herself and her partner were able to buy over from a retired optometrist. she assured me that the collection is huge and what was on show was only a fraction of the stock. think paloma picasso, diane furstenburg and mic mac. they made my heart extremely happy.

they go for anything between R400 and R1500. they don't have a name yet... but i really think they have room to build it up as a brand. it reminds me extremely of linda farrow, who i adore and who similarly started out with a small collection of dead stock. the good news is they plan to start selling at the biscuit mill design tent really soon... so keep your eyes open and prepare for the hipsters to pounce. ♥

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