N.B. Jas M. B. Sample Sale

i don't really know why i haven't made a big deal of my jas mb bag that i bought earlier this year at the grazia london fashion weekend sale... but i think it's time i gave a little shout out to jas. to be completely honest i've never heard of jas mb (yes, silly me.) until i came across the stall at the sale... but really it was love at first sight (cliche - yes... but exaggeration - most definately not!) i couldn't tear myself away from all the leather goodies! my poor sister, i think i dragged her back to the stall a good few times to have another look... and feel of course. needless to say, i purchased the lovely leather item (after much contemplation and confusion - i am the most indecisive girl ever) just seconds before the cashiers closed... and i got it for less than half of the original price! so for the past few months i have been the happiest jas mb toting girl in london. and it's funny cause just yesterday a friend of mine commented on the fabulous-ness of the bag and, like everyone else who gets the opportunity, couldn't help but reach out and cop a feel. what can i say? nice-to-touch leather is my guilty pleasure.

anywhoo... try get yourself down to the jas mb sample sale this week in shoreditch. there's bound to be lots bargains and hoards of cool-looking asian kids to up the game. i'm a 9-5 (or rather 10-6) unpaid working girl from tomorrow but i'll definately try get myself there... i might even stay for DJ set - maybe jas has other talents aside from making trendy understated leather bags which make me weak at the knees.

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