TAVI sports waistgear as headgear.

i go through phases of being shamelessly addicted to certain blogs. i probably visit around... 20+ fashion blogs a day - not quite sure if this is something to be proud of or not. when i was in hong kong end of last year it was Tavi's Style Rookie, which if you kids were paying attention, i actually posted about last year October. >> click here if you weren't. who doesn't love Tavi, right? lately, i've been religiously following JAK & JIL, especially since Tommy Ton (how much do you love saying that name?) is posting more often than ever. when i discovered his blog, he was only logging on once every few weeks.

so, while browsing through new posts on the site today, i scrolled past this image. Ton has finally(!) got a shot of style prodigy, Tavi... and not even during Fashion Week. i'm actually desperate to know where this was taken. in what ideal world, outside the land of Fashion Week, would Ton accidently bump into Tavi?? and while she is wearing the most interesting little headpiece?!

so, check this girl. she's sporting a (most probably, DIY) head-piece made from an elastic turquoise belt and a (very) oversized gingham shirt. let's keep in mind that she's probably half the size of the models stomping down the ramps every season.

this is just a little friendly, monday reminder that fashion is for everyone (cliché, but true) and innovation can come at any age. she blows my mind, over and over again. ♥


Yvan Rodic to FACE HUNT(ER) in Cape Town //

are you with me? we're talking about Yvan Rodic of London-based street-style blog, facehunter. i happen to have history with Yvan. let me share.

back when i was broke and living in a box-sized room in East London and working on my post-graduate thesis on "Fashioning the Web", i was putting together a piece on street-style fashion bloggers, entitled these streets are made for walking and like a true fashion writer on a mission to complete an article with a creeping deadline, i think i might have, maybe... harassed poor Yvan, a little. yes. he probably remembers me as the annoying LCF girl who sent him email after email begging him to meet me for an interview before my deadline... and after countless replies from him, with empty promises of getting around to arranging something, just as soon as he returned from [insert city here], i never did hear from him. i thank my jimmy choos for the camera-clicking cool kids behind copenhagen street style and hel looks for putting some time aside to answer all my inquisitive questions. i made the deadline btw.

so back to the point of this post... one of my favourite blogging girls, Nicci Bruce from i scream tells me that Yvan a.k.a. Face Hunter will be visiting Cape Town this summer - check out his itinerary here. what i can gather from his tweets, he's currently in New Zealand (and no, i am not stalking him. this is all in the name of research, honestly.) which means Cape Town is next... 4 - 11 December. diarise it if you must.

keep your eyes open and your best shoes on, kids. :)) i look forward to seeing some of you on the site. yay. and remember, Yvan was wearing skinny jeans and vintage brogues way before you, so be nice. that's all. ♥


double-breasted cardigan, i think i love you.

The Sartorialist Book has been floating around the office for a few days now and i finally got my hands on it. there's definitely something different about holding the weight of a book in your hands and feeling the pages brush over your fingers. it's some what different to the online experience of clicking and scrolling. yes, i admit i luuurve The Sartorialist and all... but in all honestly i'm hugely over the higher-than-high-high-heels, Balmain shoulders and high-fashion trenches. it's all a little too high maintenance for me, really. maybe i'm just saying that cause summer is in the air... anyways the only thing i wanted to pull off the pages were the (modest-in-comparison) double-breasted cardigans... is that too much to ask? tell me you don't love them and i promise to never say these 3 words again... double. breasted. cardigan. ♥


blog love ♥

in case any of you have been hiding under a rock or spending all day on the beach, the newStiaan Louw x A Store Collection is on the rails and causing hype and havoc. i'm going to skip all the details and take the opportunity to give a shout out to my fellow bloggers instead, who have already covered all the nitty gritty of the campaign and collection. what can i say? i'm slacking. i know. from what i've seen so far, Stiaan Louw and Brett Rubin have delivered, as usual. the campaign is a killer and if that's anything to go by, there's no doubt the collection is a work of art.

Marco from Man of the Cloth

Robyn from Style Guide Cape Town

The kids from We-Are-Awesome


You&Me&EveryoneWeKnow Market II

You&Me&EveryoneWeKnow Market II is officially happening on Saturday, 28th November. i was blown far far away by the first one. it was a warm spring day, a small venue in town with a beautiful balcony overlooking all of Bo-Kaap's rainbow-coloured houses. there was delicious food, pretty things and lots of creative people doing what they do best. we looked, we bought, we ate, we chatted and did all we could do, but were still tempted to hang out a little longer to soak up the vibey hustle bustle... so all i can say is go expecting, girls and boys! it's going to be fun, fun, fun! see you (&me&everyoneweknow) there. ♥
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