lace on the lids.

eyelash decadence, non? Shu Uemura is doing some very lovely lashes for their Tokyo Lash Bar collection. i'm not really a false eyelash sort of girl... or though come to think of it i really should be. i wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair of these babies - Shu Uemura Black Gown lashes. the Velvet Feather lashes are to die for as well... so unnecessary yet also sooo necessary. i might stop by the Shu Uemura counter on my lunch break tomorrow and get a pair... hmm... they will without a doubt leave a noticeable dent in my purse but they are more than half the price of the Shu Uemura X Viktor and Rolf lashes that came out earlier this year and personally i'll much rather flutter these lacy beauties. yes, that was my attempt at justifying my purchase.


my single attempt.

spent the morning sorting out some of my photos... deleting, filing and seperating London from Cape Town and Cape Town from Hong Kong. anyways it's tedious stuff really but i came across this photo that i took of a Korean girl in Pret (in London Tottenham Court Road). i took it a good few months ago... for an article i was writing on Geek Culture. i didn't end up using it... but i decided not to bin it today. it's my first and only (and probably my last) attempt at street fashion photography. i've had a few people asking me to take some street snaps of Hong Kong's most trendy (i'm yet to find a good street fashion site for Hongkies) but to be honest everything happens so fast in Hongkies - i swear it's like a race to see who can get to their next destination quickest - that i wouldn't dare to stop anyone in the street... besides i would rather leave it to all the kids who know what they're doing. i'm assuming that photographing K-girl's shoes was probably more important than photographing Pret's entire beverage selection. really, what do i know?

kicking it like my father.

sale season is finally upon us here in Hongkies and my first guilt-free purchase (yes yes 50% off!!) were these tasseled brown suede loafers... i feel like i've stolen my fathers shoes. i'm telling you they are comfy as hell though... like those warm fuzzy bed slippers your grandmother use to wear. today, i'll be kicking it like my father did back in the day.
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