lace on the lids.

eyelash decadence, non? Shu Uemura is doing some very lovely lashes for their Tokyo Lash Bar collection. i'm not really a false eyelash sort of girl... or though come to think of it i really should be. i wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair of these babies - Shu Uemura Black Gown lashes. the Velvet Feather lashes are to die for as well... so unnecessary yet also sooo necessary. i might stop by the Shu Uemura counter on my lunch break tomorrow and get a pair... hmm... they will without a doubt leave a noticeable dent in my purse but they are more than half the price of the Shu Uemura X Viktor and Rolf lashes that came out earlier this year and personally i'll much rather flutter these lacy beauties. yes, that was my attempt at justifying my purchase.

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chan said...

hm,nice but i dont think there is much people would get it tho,too stand out ..

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