Wizard of Oz ON PEDDER Street.

these photos have been sitting in my blog folder for a good few weeks already... and although the window display has been dazzling shoppers for over a month already i thought it still deserved a post. 

ON PEDDER is a Hong Kong shoe shop that basically stocks all the big shoe brands - Choos, Hardys, Louboutins, you name it they got it. i rarely pass through Central but a colleague gave me a heads up about the window display at the flagship store on Pedder Street... so i made a bit of an effort to pop by to take a lookie and i must admit it was worth it. i love old films and although i must admit The Wizard of Oz is not really one of my favourites... i do love the red shoes tie-in! how clever? the glittery red Alexander McQueens stand out big time. ooh,  can you imagine Dorothy walking down the yellow brick road in those?! actually if all the characters were dressed in Alexander McQueen - Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion - it would make for a v. interesting visual treat, no? definitely pop by if you in the area!

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