double booked.

two sales happening this wednesday! you gotta love sale season... and it's beginning of the month too so there's really no reason to miss out. here's what's happening.

jewellery designer, Steffany Roup and designer behind Take Care clothing, Jessica Harwood have combined their studio warming with a group sale at their new studios in Woodstock. jewellery design label Skermunkil will also be making an appearance - selling their end of range stock at ridiculously reduced prices and some selected items at 10% less... i've been looking for something pretty for my sister from skermunkil so am super excited to see what they'll have.

Place: 504 Woodstock Industrial Centre, 66 Albert Road.
Date: Wednesday, 31st March
Time: 17h00 - 20h00

check out the event of facebook.

if you're in town, then there's also a little vintage sale, treasure hunting is fun! happening at Beleza. it's been organised by 3 ladies who've just started a small vintage clothing initiative. they'll be sourcing and selling a treasure trove of vintage finds around the city bowl. this is their 2nd sale... be sure to check it out. the venue is lovely... bring your friends, order a cocktail and have a look around.

Place: Beleza Restaurant, corner of Burnside & Kloofnek Road, Tamboerskloof
Date: Wednesday, 31st March
Time 17h00 - 19h00

check out the event on facebook.

i'm going to try make it to both. yes, have my cake and eat it too. i deserve to... just got paid and the bank balance is looking healthy. hope to see you all there. ♥


rarely worn sale no.2 //

i regrettably missed the first one, but from what i've heard there were some major bargains and i've actually been secretly awaiting this ever since. so i'll definitely be making a stop this time around.

it promises to be an evening of bubbly, socialising and 'rarely worn' fashion labels on sale at bargain prices. the ladies behind it are doing it all in the name of charity and recycling unworn clothes. now, how can you say no to that. check out the facebook event here. hope to see you there! ♥


17 style council.

Fashion editor at 17 mag, Taugheedah is in desperate search of 4 fashion savvy girls between the ages of 18 & 21 to be part of their Style Council. If you got style and always find yourself giving fashion advice then this might be perfect for you! For 12 months, you get to pose for photoshoots, give style advice to other girls and get flown around for local fashion weeks and events. If you or someone you know might be interested, email taugheedah@seventeen.co.za before 4 april with your name, city, full-length picture and why you think you should be a member of their Style Council. Spread the word. ♥


a single (beautiful) man.

if you're a regular here, you'll know i tend to deviate from fashion sometimes and touch ground with my other great love - cinema. fashion people, bare with me.

so i've said this before, but i hate hype. i will go out of my way not to watch, buy or try something just because of the (usually hysterical) hype surrounding it. it tends to mist up your vision so much so, that what might actually, in reality, be rather mediocre, might appear to be "absolutely brilliant" or "sooooo forward-thinking" and on most occasions, for me at least, the hype tends to lead to major disappointment.

surprisingly, Tom Ford's A Single Man didn't receive much hype locally at all. despite appearing in a number of international magazines that i've been flipping through the past few weeks, i really haven't heard much about it around town and not even from my trusted name-dropping acquaintances.

prior to the release, i think there were two schools of thought: 1. "Tom Ford is brilliant and everything he touches will naturally be brilliant too." and 2. "What gives him, a fashion designer the right to think he can direct a film?" i was pretty open-minded about it. on the one hand, he is a designer and not a filmmaker and it does irk me when models want to be DJs and actors want to be designers. on the other hand, Ford has taste. period. Ford would not have allowed this film to be released unless, it was pure perfection. i walked into the cinema knowing this yet still, i was completely blown away and... speechless, which i never am after a film.

it was an aesthetically poignant film! the reality Ford created was saturated with an unobtainable beauty and visual perfection. there was not a hair out of place or a crease in sight. Ford is known for being immaculate - in his design, appearance and now in his filmmaking too.

the script was skeleton-like, which really forced you to focus on the cinematography, the grainy footage and visual brilliance. the close-ups and extreme long shots were painfully intimate and always eloquent and a number of scenes resembled campaigns from a modern Vogue. it has Ford's signature scribbled all over it. if you do anything this week, make sure this is it! if you have a weakness for beautiful things, you will appreciate it for what it is... and please note, this is not hype, this is an honest, heart-felt recommendation.


Wishful Monday: VPL & Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer

time has been of the essence these days. so much so that the "fashion" label in my gmail is threatening to hit the triple digits. my monday evening has consisted of diving head first into newsletters and mails from dazed, whowhatwear, refinery 29... sigh, the list is endless. this is usually when i begin to wonder how i even find the time to sign up to these things. a complete mystery.

naturally, there would be something worth sharing... and here we have it. these sweet things from VPL & Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer Fall 2010 Collection brought back fond memories of hong kong design duo, Daydream Nation's accessory collection circa. 2008. only, VPL & Genger are a whole lot tougher and tad more elegant - pleasantly surprising since the material of choice is as simple as rope, chain and some tie-dyed material. anyone of these beauties would've made my monday.


Mungo & Jemima Sale - 40% off summer stock!

Mungo & Jemima's annual End of Summer Sale has begun - 40% off their summer stock! make a stop. sure it will be worth your while and remember to check out the new feathery hair pieces by hello sailor that they've just begun stocking. sale ends this saturday.


Fashion blogger, Susie Bubble leaves DazedDigital.com //

Fashion blogging royalty, Susie Bubble, known for her progressive get-ups, luxe layering and frugal fashion has decided to step down from her role as Commissioning Editor at DazedDigital.com - most probably cause she's getting more exciting offers left, right and centre, but we won't go into that now. I've been reading Style Bubble since the beginning of (fashion blogging) time and seeing her get head hunted by Dazed was pretty cool, but her stepping down? Definitely the most surprising news of the day. Read her post A Note or Two here.
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