london trend - the man bag (LCF assignment)

hanging out on the streets of london these past few days and observing the fashion talent i've discovered a new 'it' bag. one dying to be recognised along with all the chloe's and balenciaga's of the fashion world. it's been seen on the arms of several metrosexual men walking the streets of london or rather, less glamourously and more realistically, the escalators of the london underground with their flawless skin and perfect hair. the conversation with your girlfriends would presumably go something like this... "is it a tog bag?", "maybe he's off to the gym?", "no, he's probably just in london for the weekend to see his girlfriend". let's just face it ladies it's the new and improved 'man bag'. obviously filled pockets are a thing of the past. the smarter ones are turning to a more practical and fashionable alternative in the form of an oversized hard-structured, swung-over-the-shoulder/hand-held 'man bag'. this new and improved 'man bag' is fast becoming a a trend to be reckoned with on the streets of london. so watch out ladies! this new 'it' bag is popping up everywhere both bigger and better and on the arms of the opposite sex.

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gloria said...

Ulanda u never publicized this blog!!! Haha I found it on ur fb. Ur so cute and I love ur witty commentary on fashion in london. I like ur style and the blog is very YOU. Muah!

Ps; some juicy details about last saturday night woll not hurt either!!!! Haha jk

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