original idea? maybe not...

so i was around at a friends of a friends a few nights ago in hoxton square and whilst one of the guys had his attention both on the conversation and his laptop he came about a website that auctioned off lost luggage. my first thought was "that would make a great article" (seems nilgin is right afterall... we really are starting to think like journalists). my luggage got stolen a few years back on my flight home from hong kong. i had bought loads of clothes and shoes for really cheap and i was devastated to say the least! whoever placed the highest bid on that bag is a lucky bitch! anyways so i googled it (like we do everything these days) and not only did i locate the website that this dude had come across but also that the guardian, the daily telegraph and the times had covered it earlier last year. which means my original idea was in fact old news! so it seems original ideas or just plain ideas are a little harder to come by than i thought and not having lived in the country for the past 5 years (and being exposed to UK media) makes it just that little bit more difficult. but i am no pessimist so as long as interesting conversations with friends exist and google is a double click away i think this coming-up-with-original-ideas-thing might eventually work out (fingers crossed*).

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