a weakness for pretty things.

you're thinking "there she goes again", i know... but aren't these bow/studded MJ sandals adooorable?? they the prettiest things i've seen this year. don't remember spotting them on the SS09 catwalk... they are in stores already though and on net-a-porter. anyways, i'll be back in the sunny cape town soon and having a pair of these pretty things to accompany me back would be really nice. i'm officially unemployed. no more internships from here on out, not even if Anna Wintour personally calls me up. not that she would but you get the idea. it's my New Years' resolution and i'm sticking it to it!! therefore the general idea is no large amounts of money will be leaving my purse until i get a paid job. a girl can dream though.

1 comment:

Gracie said...

Aah but they will look so cute on u!!!

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