Agnes b. is god in Asia.

i was chatting to one of the PR girls from EQ:IQ a few weeks ago and we were trying to figure out why Agnes B was so big in Asia. after some useless brainstorming (we didn't come up with much) we defeatedly decided that they must just have a kick-ass marketing team in Asia.

her bags are like mass-produced in Asia and i'm sure every second person has a Agnes B bag (knock-offs included) on their arm or in their wardrobes. she's big and she knows it. aside from the clothes collection, she's also has her name on chocolates, flowers, cakes and coffee. if it has Agnes b across it, it sells. it's wonderful really and so business savvy. i guess if they love it, then you have choice but to give them more.

anyhoo, there's also an art gallery - Agnes B's Librarie Gallerie - which everyone should try visit if they ever in Hongkies. it's the only other Agnes B gallery outside of Paris and it's really quite refreshing to see, especially since the art scene in Hongkies is pretty small and good art spaces are pretty rare. the photos above are from the exhibition, Modern Young People:Post Punk, Cold Wave and Novo Culture in France. 

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