boys will be girls and girls will be boys.

androgynous girls and feminine boys. women shopping in the men’s department and sometimes men shopping in women’s department. boyfriend jeans on girls and skinny jeans on boys. the latest cover of Dazed & Confused sums it up in one simple caption “meet fashion's boys who are girls who like girls to be boys...” confusing, i know. it took me a few seconds to wrap my head around it.

is gender becoming insignificant when fashion is concerned? the line between men’s attire and women’s attire are and have been for the last few seasons seriously blurring. the idea of mixing up men's and women's clothing has been simmering on the fashion scene for awhile now – think American Apparel, Bryan Boy (who fyi recently got an interview with American Vogue) and boyish model Eliza Cummings. hi-end fashion has finally caught on and caught up. first in line is... YSL. their first unisex collection debuted at a pop-up store in New York during NYFW. no news yet on when the collection will be available to the rest of the world. oh, the setbacks of not being a New Yorker. sigh.

i'm predicting there's gonna be a few more unisex collections popping up in 2009 - not only is it playing right into the hands of the unisex dressing trends but it means pieces will be basic, classic and practical which is great for us, penny-saving shoppers. ooh, talking about penny-saving shoppers, i've just come back from watching Confessions of a Shopaholic - we can all learn a lesson from the lovely Rebecca Bloomwood!

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