Alexander Wang goes back to basics.

i hate to say it again, but the truth has to be spoken. with everyone keeping a watchful eye on their spending and counting each and every penny, buying basics is going to be what it's all about. actually reflecting on my shopping patterns my last two purchases were both wardrobe basics, but then again that's not surprising. i've always been big on basics. Alexander Wang gets it though, he gets is so clearly and has designed a 12-piece t-shirt collection. by t-shirt collection i don't mean a limited edition/collaboration t-shirt collection - the type that is rippling through the fashion world. what i mean is a classic, well cut, basic t-shirt collection. love this guy - he can make anything look effortlessly sexy. the drapey cut and loose fit is signature to Alexander Wang and perfect for layering - which is what we all should be doing to keep things little bit more interesting. rumours are that the collection should be out in the next few weeks - Lane Crawford here i come!

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