it's all in the shoulders, baby.

Jason Wu was a designer looking to move up in the world. then the First Lady decided to adorn his creations to one of the most ceremonious and iconic moments in American history and naturally, this got every fashionista/housewife/yummy mummy asking, "now, whose that by?!" Consequentially, lucky Mr Wu has now been welcomed to NYFW AW09 with open arms. it's like the inauguration was Project Runway and Wu won first prize.

honestly, with all the media-hype i've been pretty eager to view his collection. there was a lot shoulder-talk at WGSN - the prediction for AW09 was fanciful and structural shoulders. unsurprisingly, WGSN was spot on. so was Wu (see above). the tailoring is neat and pretty, but nothing mind-blowing. there was feathers and ruffles en masse. love textural fabrics. not sure how i feel about the tiaras though :/ overall the collection was pleasant, nothing offending but then also nothing inspiring. haven't quite decided how i feel about the designer... but i guess time will tell. i say bring on Jason Wu SS10.

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