a Comme des Garcons moment at ELLE.

Comme des Garcons for H&M. i totally forgot. i haven't quite had access to any high street stores for awhile and it just totally slipped my mind until i was flipping through a Hong Kong street culture magazine on my way home. 

i was lucky enough to see some of the pieces back in June while i was playing fashion features intern at ELLE... all i remember is lots of polka dots, black en masse and the disapproving looks coming from some of the fashion editors (apparently the material wasn't, and i quote, "very Comme"). seriously though, what were we all shaking our heads for? we all knew deep deep down that it wasn't going to meet our expectations - it's Comme for the high street not Comme for real! this is usually where i would begin to consider the whole "high fashion/high street" debate... but nope not this time. we can all agree that it's been well covered already, yes? YES.

i do however remember that there were some great trousers... don't remember what they looked like at all. jolly, June wasn't that long ago... was it?! it must have been a v. busy month. anywho all i remember is that they were great and the look of approval on Rebecca's (the fashion features editor at ELLE) face. must try locate an H&M and check out the collection for real and since i can't afford real Comme, high street Comme will just have to suffice for the time being... ironic isn't it?

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chan said...

ohmygod.The outfit of the model (middle) so cute <3,i would like to have it sooooo muchy!!!!!!

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