window shopping.

window shopping. that's what i do these days. no real, satisfying shopping, just plain old window shopping. for two reasons. let me share. one - lack of luggage space. i'm a frequent traveller... but i can never keep the weight down. a skill that still needs to be perfected. two - my working holiday is coming to an end and depressingly, so is my cash flow. so my last few days in Hongkies will not only involve around the clock goodbye lunches/dinners but also a good lashing of window-peering and bag envy. i spotted the Chloe 'Sally' Flap Bag - undeniably the most covetable bag this season (okay, maybe coming a close 2nd to the YSL 'Easy') - in the On Pedder window today and fell hopelessly in love... Hannah MacGibbon, new creative director at Chloe is working worldly wonders! just wanted to share with you the adventures of window shopping.

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