graffiti like you've never seen it before.

here's some of the work belonging to Dutch, garment graffiti artist, Thomas Voorn. Voorn is, unsurprisingly, a Central Saint Martins graduate and now works as an artist, designer, stylists and conceptionalists. he started out experimenting with garment graffiting on the streets of Denmark and has recently turned his unusual talent to visual merchandising. his work has already been commissioned by a number of boutiques/concept stores in both London and the Netherlands. and did i happen to mention he's also quite brilliant?

using clothes to make letters is hardly rocket science. that's what you thinking right? i mean kids could do it. it's just such a simple concept. yet... no one's ever thought of using it as a form of expression or a form of typography for visual merchandising. well, at least that was until Voorn came along. i guess, the most simple ideas can sometimes be the most innovative ideas. now please do go try this at home kids!



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