Dree Hemingway - the next it girl?!

it's absolutely freezing in Hongkies. it's all wind, rain, storm and thunder outside. so, i've spent most of the evening at home watching some of my favourite old films - Francois Truffaut's Jules et Jim and Woody Allen's Manhattan - with a wild craving for popcorn and missing my old-film-loving sister terribly.

i've just sat down to my mac again to check my mail and i've received my daily newsletter fromWhoWhatWear. apparently, Dree Hemingway - yes, that would be grand-daughter of Ernest Hemingway and daughter of Mariel Hemingway, who plays Tracy aka Allen's ridiculously underage girlfriend in Manhattan - is girl of the month. i'm assuming we have an it girl in the making here. she's got all the necessary prerequisites - famous parents, fashion friends and fabulous threads. also, she's featured on WWW and they almost always spot on with things like this.

i find it rather intriguing, actually. novelist then actress and now it girl. the Hemingways aren't doing too bad for themselves, are they? must be all in the genes.

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Marco said...

Hi! I-love-this-blog! Are you a South African Native or just travel here often? You have a very cool blog and I'm seriously envious of all your amazing travels. You have great insight, I'm blogrollin' you! M :)

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