Lane Crawford Campaign SS09: The Insider

no one can compete with Lane Crawford when it comes to retail ad campaigns in Hongkies. i've been eagerly waiting to see what they had in store for SS09. everyone remembers their last campaign right? if not, click here to see what Susie Bubble had to say.

so i know there's been talk of many retailers cutting back on campaign costs. to put it simply exotic locations abroad are being rapidly replaced by good old studio shoots. the wonderful team at Lane Crawford have outsmarted the failing economy and completely upped their standards this season. they have commissioned (under-the-radar) fashion photographer and blogger of Jak & Jil (check it out - especially the NYC Shoe Gazing// SS09!!!) Tommy Ton to shoot this season's The Insider Campaign on the streets of New York. the campaign is set up much like a blog - titled posts, post date, street photography images, etc. although, the images come across as candid and au natural there's little doubt that there's an army-esque crew behind the camera. regardless, the campaign really captures the sophistication & edginess of street fashion during Fashion Week and we all know nothing sells better than the glamour of Fashion Week.

Ton's also currently blogging from NYFW for the LC site. LC has obviously realised the power of the blogosphere and using it as a source of inspiration for this season's campaign. love it, love it. no doubt my favourite campaign of the season - hats off to the LC team.

there isn't much on the web in terms of images atm - am working on that.

UPDATE: spotted outside Harbour City in TST.

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Check out the video of this campaign.

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