picking up PRESTIGE.

i've been in Hongkies for nearly 5 months (gosh, time flies!) and i'm always popping in to book stores and visiting newsstands, but i've never noticed any local fashion titles in english. my chinese writing/reading is crap - almost non-existent - so i always keep a look out for local english titles... i've checked out a few but nothings really caught my fancy. i've pretty much just been feeding off international titles which are generally quite affordable over here.

today however, i was picking up a few magazines for my flight to Singapore and i happened to notice Prestige - an english luxury lifestyle title here in Hongkies. i never took much notice of it before. this issue, however, had Stella McCartney on the cover, which is probably the only reason i looked twice. and isn't it a great cover?! she's got such a great face. not really what you would call pretty, but let's be honest here, you couldn't do a close-ups like that unless you had a great face! don't think i've ever seen Stella on the cover of anything before and this cover really does her justice. i met her just over a year ago at Selfridges during London Fashion Week (there was lots of champagne and macaroons involved!) and she was just ridiculously sweet and sophisticated. i remember there were two elderly ladies asking after her father and telling her to please send their regards - really sweet old ladies. not sure if i would buy Prestige regularly though... maybe just a once off... for the Stella cover and interview and the fantastic/exclusive photos of Coco Chanel taken by Douglas Kirkland.

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