rediscovering LOOKBOOK.nu

6 months ago i wasn't the proud owner of a macbook. my life, pre-macbook, was pretty tough - as some of you might remember. basically my old notebook, which i spent a small fortune on (my heart still aches at the thought) had a very slow and painful death. it eventually crashed and burned within a year of me purchasing it. it was beautiful-looking but crap... like the dresses at Primark. so deceiving. you only begin realising when one by one the buttons start falling off.

okay. back to the point. so with my over-priced and good-for-nothing notebook went all my precious bookmarks. this probably sounds petty, but one's bookmark list is like one's contact list. a lot of work goes into building it up and losing it is annoying, if not heart-wrenching. so stumbling upon LOOKBOOK.nu for the second time around was pretty "yeeah". i honestly forgot about the awesome-ness of this site and their great spin on the ever-popular street style blog. now, it's back on my bookmark list!

the lowdown. "real people" get other "real people" to take photos of them in their trendy gear. they upload it onto the site. then members vote what they like or rather hype what they like. it's pretty simple stuff. there's nothing mediocre about this site. not only is it super-styling, but there's also some really inspiring photography. you can only upload images and hype photos if you've personally been invited to become a member. talk about fashion elitism, right? well at least you guaranteed a glimpse of the bona fide international fashion crowd.

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