my ♥ for chloe sevigny

i just found the lovely miss sevigny on the pages of an Uniqlo ad in this months issue of i-D wearing clothes from jean-michel basquiat t-shirt series, which was like opening a bag of skittles and finding loads of red skittles (you would understand if you knew how i felt about red skittles). hasn't she just been popping up in the most wierd and wonderful places? she recently joined the elle editorial team as their style advisor and now has her own monthly style column. she's graced the pages of magazines and every perfume counter looking wonderfully pretty as one of the three faces for the new chloe perfume - a girl after her own name. she has such an electic mix of quirky cool and girliness that kirsten dunst couldn't live up to even if she tried. here's why i ♥ chloe so that you'll have reason to love her too.

1. she was adorning RayBan Wayfarers long before they were cool.
2. she changes professions (model, actress, spokesperson, designer and columnists) with such ease and is actually unsurprisingly good at each and every one of them.

3. she's been nominated for an oscar and golden globe (incase you've forgotten)

4. she's not conventionally pretty yet still i could name several girls (and guys) who would want to be her.

5. she's so fashion savvy and ahead of the game that elle gave her her own column.

6. she's in this very glamourous and arty (dance number) ad entitled "Carousel" for Ritz Fine Jewellery - which i love!
7. she's teaming up with the (just as lovely) zooey deschanel in Divorce Ranch, an indie comedy/period piece - looking forward to it? please all raise your hands now.


Marina said...

I also adore Chloe Sevigny. The girl's got style. Off the top of my head there are 3 more reasons for your list:

8 - She dated Harmony Korine

9 - And Vincent Gallo - not to mention the blow job...

10 - Opening Cerimony

Marina said...

Oooohhh lala loved the ritz video so much!!!!!!! thanks for posting it

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