i-Dedicate this to agyness.

we've seen her on the catwalk of London Fashion Week, on the cover of one to many magazines, in the windows of nearly every big designer store and hanging around camden town... and yes i know what you thinking. you couldn't see any more of her even if you wanted to? well you're wrong. this month's issue of i-D is 'the agyness deyn issue' and they are not fooling around with their themed issues. it's not just a cover page, an interview and a few pages of jaw-dropping photos. it's 6 cover pages, an interview with her, her mother, her sister, her bestfriend and her boyfriend (phew.) and a whole magazine, cover-to-cover, of jaw-dropping photos. i-D has lovingly dedicated themselves and their entire may issue to the british beauty agyness deyn . whoever said she's the next kate moss should seriously rethink that statement cause i don't remember a magazine ever dedicating an entire issue to kate??

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