wardrobe for sale! anyone?

women selling off their wardrobes... aha it's a trend. i have decided it is de-fi-nate-ly a trend. it's taken off on ebay and now daphne guiness is doing it too. she is auctioning off (a fraction) of her, i'm assuming, fabulous wardrobe and even better she's doing it for charity. i recently interviewed susan muncey (ex-boutique owner of London's hidden gem Fashion Gallery) about her soon-to-be launched online boutique, ShopCurious. she kicked-off the launch of the website with "the susan muncey shopcurious sale" where she parted with some of her most treasured wardrobe items. see like i told you it's a trend but i think maybe you would need a really impressive wardrobe filled with way too much clothes (although what does that mean actually?) in order to have the guts to sell some of it. so why is it a trend? i'm not completely sure yet? i'm still exploring, pondering and biting my nails about that one... but maybe it has something to do with the idea that "if i sell the old stuff i'll have more space for the new stuff"... maybe? i dunno...

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