are you ready to JUMBLE?

i've done many interesting and unusual things in my life but never thrift shopping and live music at the same time. that's why the jumblist massive sale which promised exactly that sounded like a little bit of fun. obviously the 'everything 1 pound' part sounded pretty fun too_ the sale was held at 93 East Feet which is apparently (unknown to me) a pretty notorious venue to brick lane regulars. the results: a black chiffon topshop skirt with tulle lining and a leather belt with gold detail buckle for a total of only 2 pounds (aha. they were serious about the 1 pound an item thing). not only did i get a bargain but i also heard some pretty interesting music_ there was rob thomas who, when not entertaining at jumblist sales can be found busting at liverpool street tube station and then there was lail arid who sang about hugging trees and fashion magazines which was actually pretty fun and funny (seriously though she wasn't bad at all). the UV lighting sorta affected my colour judgment and left me wondering on more than one occasion whether the dress i was holding was blue or purple. most of the clothes were highstreet, with tags still on them - not the usual old pussy-bow shirts and maxi dresses. jumbling was all the rage today but i think i'll go back to thrifting... apart from being better at it i think i kind of miss the smell of vintage clothes, the lack of ambience and being able to tell the colour of the garment i'm holding without squitting.

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