vintage overdrive. (urban junkies workshop)

is it just me or have we seriously gone into vintage overdrive?! vintage shopping not so long ago was a fun and delightful shopping experience that we did on saturday mornings with friends exploring a treasure trove of past-on gems at affordable prices. Nowadays saturdays are simply a morning of window-shopping, glaring enviously at those Chanel pumps with the very steep triple figure price tag. the first time we reach into our purses is to buy a skinny vanilla latte, extra hot, no cream which is not nearly as satisfying as a good-vintage buy, close but definitely not close enough. i propose that we all boycott the vintage fashion craze and find something else with more vintage cool then a pair of 1970’s Vivienne Westwood sunglasses. let’s say an old record player from the 50’s or the very first model of the Polaroid camera? Polaroid has recently announced the discontinuation of their products so get down to finding and hanging on to that now-retro-looking 80’s Polaroid camera of yours that has probably started collecting dust in the box labelled ‘junk’ and divulge yourselves in old-school Game Boys and other vintage-tech that won’t result in a call from you bank manager.

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Madame.Gy said...

Ha! I'm there with you, girl!
(I'm having a laugh with your blog! It's pretty cool!)

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