80's apparel_

i was browsing about topshop yesterday and tried on a blue & white striped bodysuit with a high waisted flared skirt similar to the ones shown at miu miu s/s 2008 show (a look that i basically stole straight off the catwalk) the look worked well but the blue & white striped bodysuit didn't quite work so well with the rest of my wardrobe. and so began my (unexpected) search for a black/white bodysuit that would fit right into my collection of wardrobe basics... and where better to get a bodysuit than AMERICAN APPAREL? yes i actually went looking for a bodysuit... you remember those leotard tops that we happily agreed to own in evert colour that had us resorting to descreetly pulling at our pants, trying desperately to get rid of a wedgy without anyone noticing? aha - think hard! the suppressed memory is definately there somewhere at the back of your mind. i think i can finally admit that the 80's are officially back! but really it only seems natural that with highwaisted trouser/skirt back in the fashion spotlight that bodysuits would naturally follow... the two fundamentally go hand in hand - yes? a decade or so ago i was totally working the highwaisted jeans/bodysuit look and lets not forget the legwarmers that went over the jeans! now that we have embraced the 80's comeback it comes as no surprise that AA is fast-becoming a hit store on the high street. the bodysuits were flying off the rails so fast that i could barely get my hands on one that wasn't a XS or L... but i guess with so many more AA stores filled to the rim with shiny spandex and skin-tight lycra in every colour under the sun i shouldn't have any problem getting my hands on some 80's apparel for the second time around.

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