polyester potential.

Like all fashion lovers I sort of have a problem with polyester and I usually refuse to buy anything made from it unless the clothing item in question is truly lovely and not too expensive. Seems vintage fashion sellers are well aware of our feelings for synthetic material - they tend to write 'luxurious silk from 1968' on the tag even though clearly the item is marked '100% polyester' on the inside.

But a recent article in W Magazine got me thinking about the future of polyester and its potential as a luxury clothing material. Lanvin, one of the worlds most elegant and lavish fashion houses, recently used polyester in the making of their iconic floaty dresses. Aber Elbaz, designer at Lanvin, admits that he 'loves the feel of (polyester)'. But surely he's not talking about the same polyester that was overly used in the 60's and 70's to create most of what we see and try our very best to stay away from in thrift stores today?

Apparently polyester is no longer the restraining and tacky material it once was. Synthetic material has been improved and is slowly making a comeback as more and more designers are choosing to use polyester.

If big fashion houses are dabbling and divulging themselves in synthetic fabrics to create beautiful and breathtaking pieces maybe polyester will no longer be the unspoken and forbidden word in fashion. I won't exaclty be rushing out to get my hands on as much polyester as possible but it does mean that I might have reconsidered that clothing item labelled '100% polyester'. Maybe one day there will be no horror reaction to a tag that reads 'luxurious polyester from 2008'.

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Marina said...

They lie about the fabrics ? Really? I know where that came from..... hahahahaa

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