damn synthetic stitching.

while on a mission to find a winter coat last week, i stumbled upon these insanely on-trend harem pants - 100% viscose, drop crotch and perfectly tailored - at Promod. have you heard of them? no? neither have i. anyways, the sales assistant tells me they were marked down from R490 to a measily R80. my only guess is that the "the drop-crotch" is not yet a favourite with the ladies, hence the steep price cuts? similar pieces have appeared in a number of local collections - Christopher Strong by Elaine du Plessis (Elle SA June 09) and Stiaan Louw (Design Indaba Magazine 1st Quarter 09) - and they're going at about R750-R1200 a pop. so, yeah, can you say "bar-gain"?

one minor problem though. they're purple. not feeling the purple so much. the idea was to dye them navy, cause i'm really feeling the navy this winter, but a trip to the local tailors this afternoon didn't quite go as planned. unless i didn't mind sporting a pair of navy trousers with v. visible plum purple stitching, no dyeing would be taking place. damn synthetic stitching! i hate you. 

i'm gonna have to force myself to feel the purple. i'll let you know how it goes.


Marina said...

I feel you. You think you can get something dyed like the good old days but no.

Anonymous said...

Promod has really pretty stuff...sometimes. I can't believe they were marked down so low though...wow!
Maybe purple will replace last last last year's mustard as landy's signiture colour?
And no, as Mum continually tells me, 'You can't have anything except jeans dyed in this country, don't you know?'
Humpf. work the purple

That Ulanda Girl. said...

feel the purple. work the purple. i got you, girls. x

Joe said...

those are gorgeous hun... luvvin the drop crotch! They don't look too purple. You could totally rock em :)

ht` said...

very nice,i used to wear them back then,in hk ;p but you thought that i am bad tasted :'( the 'lay si fu';p see. here you go now .

Marco said...

Love it too... think with hot heels and leather jacket one could look fierce...

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