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is winter here already? hopefully, we'll get a few more sunny days before we're hit with full-blown wind and rain. perfect day for blogging though. it's only the 19th of the month and i'm so close to hitting my cap, i'm almost scared to blog. i've gotten so use to the luxury of capless internet. wouldn't capless internet make everyone's winter more comforting?

anyhoo down to the nitty gritty. as you know, i love my film as much as i do my fashion and i always try to sneak a post in about it, especially if it has any relation to fashion. if you've been anywhere near fashion sites/blogs in the past few days you'll know the buzz words have been "Grey Gardens" - not so much the 1975 documentary directed by the Maysles Brothers (which i'm dying to get my hands on!) but more the bio film featuring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang which aired on HBO in the US just a few hours ago.

Grey Gardens is the name of the mansion home that Jackie Onassis's eccentric aunt and first cousin - Edith "Big Edie" Bouvier Beale and Edie "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, respectively - lived in, in the 70's. the ladies wardrobe in the 1975 documentary was an huge inspiration to design houses at the turn of the century and the remake is already having a similar affect on the fashion world. everyone is waiting on hands and knees to see the re-visioned wardrobe of Jackie O's infamous relatives in the remake more than 3 decades later. for some the wait is already over.

the lives of this mother-daughter duo is so intriguing. they have no money, no income, live in a crumbling, flea-infested-mansion, yet following the Maysles Brother's doccie of them, became instant fashion icons. another reminder that style has nothing to do with money. it's innate. i have a feeling it's gonna be a hefty wait before this film hits our shores. not dissimilar to capless internet. happy sunday.

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