Ponystep chats to Susie Bubble.

check out this interview with Susie Bubble on Ponystep! i have a lot of love for both fashion pages. i had the honour of interviewing both Richard Mortimer, the man behind Ponystep and Susie Lau of Style Bubble not too long ago. on the eve of the launch of Ponystep, Richard shared with me his hopes and dreams for his online magazine. now, almost a year down the line, Ponystep is doing exclusive interviews with some of the most high-profile individuals on the music/film/fashion/art scene. the guy, no doubt, has connections. Miss Bubble has long been considered blogging royalty and the media has interviewed, scrutinised and questioned the hell out of her, but there's been little coverage of her since she landed herself an editorial position with Dazed Digital. Ponystep's Pippa Brooks gets down and dirty in this interview and Susie is more than obliging - as always. get clickity clicking on this kids!

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