it's a lookee likee.

i love browsing about street style blogs because from time to time you find something that holds your attention for longer than the usual mili-second (my attention span is shamefully short - i blame it on all the MTV-watching in my teens). i happened to stumble upon this image on facehunter. aside from the fact that i had an instant surge of jealousy towards my fellow londoners, cause obviously the sun is still shining there (people just don't wear sunglasses in london unless it really is sunny), i completely luurrve the outfit! minnie does a/w grunge. her glasses caught my attention first - do they not resemble the Jeremy Scott sunglasses from the Linda Farrow Vintage s/s 2008 collection? they do, they do me thinks. i guess if you can't own it then you should just reference it. it makes a lot of sense really.

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