everybody (secretly) loves a knock off.

yes yes lets just all go ahead and admit it... we would all prefer to have the real deal (who wouldn't?) but sometimes a knock off can do the job just as well - this applies to everything except Chanel and Krispy Cremes of course! i found a pair of Marc Jacobs mouse flats look-a-likes at Mr Price (a South African chain store - basically the equivalent to Primark minus the vicious lunchtime shoppers) and i got them for a ridiculous 40 rand (that's roughly 3 pounds). they look identical (with that one exception of course) but they brought a smile to my face none the less. i recently blogged about jelly shoes... and if i didn't draw a clear and pretty picture for you the last time, i have officially embraced the jelly shoe comeback. they're adorable and i'm tempted to get them in every colour!

the knock-off.

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