Lanvin x H&M. Yes, please!

H&M designer collaborations have become the defining point of modern retail hysteria in the fashion industry. it's one of those things you have to experience to truly understand, but it's what the high fashion fanatics and street fashion kids are desperate to buy into every time it hits.

since the release of these H&M designer collaboration 2010 videos earlier this week, the online fashion community have been freaking out - yes, you need to check out the ridiculous use of capitalization and exclamation marks - guessing, googling and debating, leaving an endless trail of comments, links and retweets. speculation is leaning strongly towards Lanvin, but there's still much debate happening and the question still stands.. could it really be?

rumour has it that the voice overs are all that of Alber Elbaz and that they've simply been tweaked to sound more masculine, feminine, soft, husky, less french, etc. to suit the actor in the video. so no, that's not Frida Giannini of Gucci - just very well casted.

Lanvin still remains one of the most high-end (unaffordable) fashion brands. so a collaboration with european retail/high street giant, H&M is seriously cutting down on the space between hi-fashion and fast-fashion. i won't continue... it's the same debate that gets fired up every time a designer decides to make their brand H&M-affordable.

so to end off, my fashion-knowledge-equal, quoted not too long ago, "his (Alber Elbaz) fingers are like chocolate eclairs [...] it drives his work. he's mentioned countless times, that if he was thinner his work wouldn't be so light and effortless. my statement wasn't a diss." and we can take two things from that... 1. an Alber Elbaz quote never goes unheard (refer to above videos) and 2. there's going to be some serious delicate draping involved in this year's capsule collection. 9 september couldn't come faster. ♥


Pieter said...

Frida Giannini has the most disgusting Italian accent...she talka lika a man'a. That said, she seems to be a really cool woman, great personality, great personal style and her apartment is exquisite. Svelte and fierce...

Pieter said...


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