the cat's meow in "the wood".

thrift stores are great for cheap thrills, but it's usually the vintage stores that have your mouth salivating and head spinning. whenever i hear of one opening or accidently stumble upon one, i always hold my breath before stepping in, hoping for the v. best and not just another empty promise of "fine" vintage pieces. on that note, i'm happy to announce that we have a new addition to the small cluster of quality vintage stores in the city. the cat's meow has been open for just over two weeks and is located a door or two down from the old biscuit mill. i get the vibe that's it's a mother/daughter business. i spoke to the mother two saturdays ago, with her wonderfully comforting irish accent, which is always fun for me cause i get to slip in somewhere in the conversation... "ooh, i was born in ireland, you know?" yes, cheap thrills, gotta love them!

the store is open 10h30 - 15h30 tuesday to friday and open during the same time as biscuit mill on a saturday. it's quite a large space, in comparison to most vintage stores in cape town, and the owners are super lovely and helpful. sure they've been welcomed to "the wood" with open arms... make a stop, hold your breath and enjoy the sigh of relieve when you realise what a gem it is. ♥

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