LV - what i love to hate and hate to love.

advertising campaigns aren't what they used to be. nowadays, it's all about big lights, big faces, big photographers and big big hype. a marketing tool that is finally being used to its full potential, and leading by example is Louis Vuitton. people literally wait at their keyboards for the release of LV's new seasonal campaigns. now, i don't usually make a habit of posting about them. afterall, that's what vogue.com exists for, right? however, i am a MAJOR Marc Jacobs fan. he's a genius. full stop. what he's done for LV can't even be put into words and what he does in the sewing room and on the catwalk is insane. what i don't love however, is the way LV is shamelessly mass-produced, ruthlessly distributed and how it lands up on the arm of every girl in asia.

on a happier and less critical note, i think Marc Jacobs' team can execute an advertising campaign as well as they can a Speedy tote. this season, Dutch model, Lara Stone replaces Madonna as the new face of Louis Vuitton's s/s 2010 ad campaign. couldn't think of any other model who could live up to Madonna. she's on par with Alice Dellal in terms of what she's doing to challenge the Kate Moss's and Lily Donaldson's of the fashion world. the full campaign hasn't been released online yet, but it's only a matter of time. i much prefer Lara to Madonna. it must be said. don't hate me.

and to the ONLY LV-loving girl i love - who owns one too many LV bags, but still knows that it's more than just a flashy monogram to throw around - please, pretty please make your next one a ChloĆ©. i'm sending this one to In LVoe with Louis Vuitton just for you. and yes, to all you die-hard LV lovers, that little treasure in the middle is "The Kalahari". ♥


Pieter said...

Sorry, but he lost me with the lime green Ugg boots. the problem with smacking the monogram on every conceivable surface is that soon the real-deal starts looking like a knock off. Agreed Lara stone rocks way harder than Madge! This time around they probably saved a fortune with retouching.

That Ulanda Girl. said...

how observant of you. i didn't even notice the lime green ugg-like boots. they rather camouflaged, non?probably a conscious decision on their part. i give it 3 months - the japanese girls will be queuing to stroke the neon fur on a pair of those. trust me.

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