diamond in "the lot"

i'm generally not a big fan of the clothes at "the lot" on Kloof. don't get me wrong, i'm not hating. i hate to hate. it's just that DIY-looking dresses (i don't believe in buying clothes that i could make myself) and plaid fleece shirts just don't prompt me to scream out, "i want!" on the other hand, they do source some great accessories and vintage stuff.

so i popped in a (good) few weeks ago (yes, this post is late late.) looking for a pretty bag. been seeing some girls around town clasping clutches that hailed from said store and thought i should make a stop... and so glad i did. i found this beautiful vintage Salvatore Ferragamo envelope clutch - navy blue (i'm developing a fetish for navy blue things...) made of genuine leather and suede. love love happy surprises.

after handing over my money (it was priced the same as all the other bags), these were the words exchanged between myself and the shop girl...

me - do you know it's a Ferragamo?
shop girl - umm, sorry?
me - Salvatore Ferragamo...
shop girl - oh... (opening bag to peep at the label) omg, it is... i don't think anyone's even noticed.
me - (confused look. thinking how could no one have noticed?)

happy surprises can happen in the strangest of places.

happy sunday ♥


Pieter said...

This kills, I die!

You lucky sausage! I don't do handbags (for obv's reasons), but dayum gurrrll you got pimped! I'm sure if the label read: Von Dutch, the sales girl would have wet herself...

That Ulanda Girl. said...

i assure you, i died too. think you just made my day with that Von Dutch/sales girl comment. loving you!

Nicci said...

I can't believe how you found this! amazing.

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