putting on a fashion show to raise money reminds me a little too much of high school, but i guess if it works you got to work it hard. students at Design Academy of Fashion in Cape Town have put together a fundraising event/party at The Assemby and will be exhibiting their designs to raise money for their final year fashion show. 

design institutes like DAF is where local fashion talent is being nurtured and where the future of local fashion begins so if you don't have any prior arrangements and have R30 to spare, show your support and be there in your boy clothes. the theme is "boys will be boys and girls will be boys" - something i'm sure i saw on the cover of a Dazed magazine a couple of months ago, yes? dressing like a boy hasn't been this fun since i was tomboy in my pre-teens, so it really won't be hard to stick to the theme. also girls, it's the perfect opportunity to ravish the boyfriend's closest - i'm thinking Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and maybe a little 80's power dressing.


Pieter said...

A fashion show fundraiser is just too "Laguna Beach"/Lauren Conrad'y for my taste. They should have called it a fashion show(full stop) and charged a cover - like grown-ups do. And no theme, like grown-ups do. Imagine asking Anna Wintour to dress thematically (think bigger picture people) to an event other than the Met Gala...They've gone and ostracized all real fashion lovers and turned it into an "Arcade"(ala Mercury) party! Die hipsters, die!

That Ulanda Girl. said...

hate hate hate pieter! they need the money and are obviously taking desperate measures. i don't even think Anna Wintour dresses thematically to the Met Gala. that would be so beneath her. i like your shoes btw :) xx

Pieter said...

Au contraire Ulanda. Homegirl was rocking some bad ass metallic Chanel for last year's Met Gala - the theme was superheroes. To clarify, I'm not opposed to fundraisers at all, BUT there is a way to do it RIGHT. There are stacks of super talented fashion students out there (and i've no doubt the work shown will be good...mmm...), but they keep on being pushed to follow (old) existing trends by lecturers referencing fashion mags from the R10 pile at bargain books. Effing truworths are probs doing the androgyny thing already. "if it works you got to work it hard" EXACTLY, so EFFING work it!!!

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