the young ones.

i was flipping through a hong kong esquire yesterday (yes, i have resorted to reading anything i can get my hands on and it just happened to be, on this occasion, a men's magazine in a language i can't quite read!) and i come across an article about a 12 year old fashion blogger. i was immediately intrigued...
apparently there's a new wave of young fashion bloggers in the US and TAVI (above mentioned blogger) author of STYLE ROOKIE has had quite a respectable amount of publicity in the past few months. i can imagine the disapproving looks and uproar she has had to experience. in her latest post she attempts to defend herself (not that she needs to) and she gives a shout out to her fellow young bloggers.

honestly, i didn't realise that there were 12 year olds that were so fashion conscious and so stylish, believe me it took me by surprise, but i think it's great that there are kids who know who Rei Kawakubo and Martin Margiela are. there will be no disapproving looks coming from me - i actually like the idea that there's a new generation of budding fashionistas who are choosing to express themselves creatively through fashion.


Gracie said...

Well how is this? There is a 22yr old in South Africa who has no idea who those ppl are!

Anonymous said...

oh man... when i was twelve i was literally reading anne of green gables not contemplating the world of high fashion. amazing she's awesome.

she probably gets a lot of critics who upon reading her blog realise they are just slackers. i of course realised that a long time ago, so it wouldn't make any sense to take it out on a cute 12-year old.

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